I dont know....  I dont really watn a serious relationship,I want to have a lot of  freedom
       that will not turn into love, or any kind of relationship, romance wise, and i won't get my hopes up, i just want a guy who I don't dislike ,I can be around with for a meal, cos I'm simply a woman
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  • 果然是你會講的話跟思考方式
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  • 果然是你會講的話跟思考方式
  • 有的冷的回答

    peikelsey 於 2008/07/21 06:29 回覆

  • prettysilly
  • I do hope you're feeling out of the blue now.
    How about going crazy shopping, Aunt JJ? 
    Have you seen my photo?
  • prettysilly
  • You can have a lot of freedom, at the same time, have a serious relationship with someone..
    The point is that --- it just have to be with the right guy!
    What do you think?
    (I'm married but I still have lots lots of freedom.)
    P.S. 我把我的照片放到我的相簿囉 
  • just been in a very reflective mood lately - very strange for me...

    peikelsey 於 2008/07/16 22:36 回覆

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  • agree!
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  • How can keep  relationship?
  • 此則為私密回覆

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