I really liked you. But time and distance made me become more practical than you are. The distance between us made me realise that a promise  cannot be given so easily.  I was really shocked when I realise how much you're affected by this.

But that doesn't mean that I didn't sincerely like you that time.  I admit, that you're a really good individual, a good friend..  and you're a really outstanding in a lot of aspects. I can even tell you, if not for the distance problem, you're someone I'd not want to miss. 'Cos I was really happy back then. I'd still think of the times we had before, and it really was great. But you understand my situation, if you were me, and were you faced with the situation I had before, what would you have done?   I'm only able to tell you this after we're merely friends.

No matter what happened before, I hope we can have a good start, as friends.  Two individuals ,  even without being in a romantic relationship, two people like us, can encourage one another and help each other out in our future paths.

When I'm down and upset, I will still hope you can talk to me and cheer me up, ,as I would to you.Because you're a person I care about

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★Aunt JJ Happy Life★

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  • YoYo
  • 小宜~新年快楽~~
  • 藍色天空
  • I trust in God....
    As my boyfriend told me before...."Love will keep us together "
    I trust our everything ....^^ The mind never change...
    Anyway,Let's Cheer up for our everyday ....!! and smile everyday....^^
  • Chloe Murphy
  • Cheer up girl ~!
    Sometimes, life is so complicated, leading to become frustrated.
    But Long distance is a challenge for people, no matter involved of what type of relationships,
     i know If you keep your minds with positive in every situation.  
    Let's it flows, Let's it goes.