Last evening we had the diner with a friend lives in Korea.

We had very tasty beef and pork BBQ,  and other Korean food with beer.

We ate too much, but cost only 630,000W.

And we confirmed that we are deceived in Yatai, 840,000 W is too much for samll diner!

Please be careful when you are in Korea, this is much different from Taiwan.

After the diner we walked around the market street near big university, and went the

restaurant of dog meat. We can not believe about eating the dog, it is pet but not food!!


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  • Ariel
  • 我看不懂啦~~
  • 가혜
  • 前篇和本篇可以加註中文嗎?
  • kaori
  • 所以人家說中國東北跟韓國會吃狗肉是真的啊!!!
  • REEN
  • 全文用英文書寫是啥感覺...??
  • 就是練習一下..沒啥特別的感覺

    peikelsey 於 2006/11/27 17:22 回覆

  • 宮前3丁目
  • Hey~first of all,happy birthday!!What do you get for birthday gift for this year?I guess to be with your sweet heart is the best....
    Have a good time~
  • 綠秧
  • 好高興!我居然看得懂!
  • 小莉奈
  • 天呀~~吃狗肉
  • K
  • 呵呵~ 先祝你生日快樂 
    我後來忘記我那天忘了跟你說謝謝啦~!!!  sorry sorry;;;
  • 涼しい子
  • 我需要翻譯~~~
  • 小猫
  • 妳去吃狗肉 ?
  • 我沒吃拉...我是去看那種可以吃狗肉的店...對我而言...狗是寵物不是食物!!

    peikelsey 於 2006/11/27 00:50 回覆

  • 가혜
  • 嗯!!很好再次證明我的英文退步了.
  • 南瓜媽
  •  還好 , 否則依妳目前幸福洋溢食慾大開 , 不久就要減肥了 .
  • 可是我吃蠻多的耶...

    peikelsey 於 2006/11/27 00:50 回覆